Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett – 20 years NBA career

Every basketball player wants to have a long and prosperous playing career, but not a lot of them expect to be in the NBA for 20 seasons. However, time flies by, and the legends who had such impressive careers can certainly feel a great sense of pride for their achievement. As a matter of fact, only five players have managed to have 20+ seasons in the NBA, but the names of Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett will always be remembered by the fans of this beautiful game. Not only because of their long careers but rather because of their unique style of play and personalities.

– Ray Allen

Ray AllenPeople say that speed and precision deteriorate with age, but Allen was determined to prove everyone wrong. His career started in 1996, and he showed the world that “He Got Game” in Spike Lee’s movie in 1998. It brought him a fame since he had a great role in this Lee’s classic. However, his later accomplishments are what made him a legend and shooting icon. Playing for Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle Supersonics, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat, Ray Allen has managed to win two NBA Championships. Besides Championships, he was ten times in the All-Star team, and every NBA fan knows that Allen’s trademark is the three-pointer – he has unique type of shoot, diffuclt to block for many outstanding defensive players. Ray Allen is still the overall 3-point leader in the NBA.

– Tim Duncan

Tim DuncanTim Duncan was certainly not a guy who would love to play in a movie or to attract a lot of attention off the court, but his game speaks for itself. As much as he was shy and quiet in person, he was a beast on the court, and his long-lasting career is filled with awards and fruitful seasons. Duncan was drafted as the first pick in 1997 by San Antonio Spurs and this power forward spent his entire career with only one club led by Gregg Popovich. He was a part of the famous “twin towers” partnership with his teammate Robinson, and Duncan’s defense is something that young players learn at basketball school. He won 5 NBA Championships with SA Spurs.

– Kevin Garnett

Kevin GarnettEveryone knows who is Kevin Garnett, especially when we talk about defense. When it comes to defense, one man built a reputation for being a beast under his own basket, and the warrior that is Kevin Garnett will not be forgotten long after he retired in September 2016. This legendary power forward/center was drafted directly from high school all the way back in 1995, and his long and successful career is a notable example of a professional and hard-working athlete. Garnett played for Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics, and he won the NBA Championship in 2008 and was named NBA Most Valuable Player in 2004. Off the court, he is the same as he is on the court, which is reason why he is a role model for many talents and players.