How To Help The Poor?

I was talking to our pest control technician from Tampa Pest Control about their giving back program, they give free service to people with very low income in need of pest control service. It gave me the ideal to write this article.

Some people live their life lavishly. They are not only enjoying the joy of essentials but also have what they want and desire; a luxurious living providing them an extra comfort. On the other hand, some people cannot even afford the basic requirements of living. They do not have shelter to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. People who have extra are living a comfortable and posh life. While those who have barely the vitals are fighting each day for life. They fail to meet the basic requirements.

Some people have much more than they need to live while others have barely enough to survive.

Poor people do not have enough clothing, food, education, and healthcare. Being poor means deprived economically, politically, and socially. They hardly get opportunities. They have inadequate nutrition, higher risk of diseases, and lack access to healthcare and basic essentials for living resulting in low achievement.

One cannot make such people opulent but can at least help them achieve the essentials of life and lead a prosperous life. Helping the poor and needy people is a good deed. Caring for the poor and needy people and helping them is a noble endeavor. The more you give to the poor and needy people, the more you strengthen their dependency. If you give them the chance or opportunity, you’ll see an effective and long-lasting improvement in their lives. Create a new system built on inter-dependency which motivates them to work and move forward and their dignity is maintained. Tossing out money or other kinds of donation do help the poor and needy people but the need is to direct your energies and efforts in raising them, building a relationship, teaching them and regaining their self-confidence and self-esteem to work for themselves.

Change your perspective. Instead of considering them as a project to help, view them as people to love and respect. Following are the few ways to help the poor and needy people:

  1. Education – Imparting knowledge can help the poor and needy to stand on their feet. Education is the beginning of getting out of the hardships of life. Giving free education to the poor and needy people help them to grow as individuals and help them lead a better life. Education can help them to get a job, be employed build a career and achieve success, the capability of handling problems, and lead a successful life. The poor and needy people can become independent, self-sufficient, and a better human being through the power of education. Through education, we can help the poor and needy people to develop their skills so that they can take over efforts to revitalize their life rather than always depending on the outsiders to do so for them.
  2. Better Understanding – Understand the needs and requirements of the poor and needy people. Help them overcome the adversities of life. One can help the poor and needy people by understanding their wants, desires, and thoughts without diminishing their dignity and helping them respectably achieve those wants. Also, one should treat the poor and needy people with respect and understanding. This would make a huge difference in their lives. Give them the same respect and courtesy you would accord your friends and family members. Respond to them with a kind word and a smile.
  3. Donate Old Belongings – To help the poor and needy, one can donate the old stuff from old clothes to appliances, furniture, and other materials. Rummage through your belongings and give them away to the needy. Delving through old stuff and donating does help the poor people and makes a difference to those who need such stuff. Donating clothes especially in the winter season when the weather is too cold is of great help to the poor and needy people. Unneeded stuff can be donated to brighten someone else’s day.
  4. Group Involvement/Volunteering Teams – Volunteering time and skills can help the poor and needy people. Creating awareness among the people for helping the poor and needy people can get more and more individuals to join the drive. Groups can be formed that can help the needy, buy them a meal, give them a ride to the shelter, and other necessary assistance. Volunteers can help and teach them. These volunteers can help in arranging free health camps, doctors can be invited to treat the poor and needy people. Even the smallest efforts count. By sparing just a few hours a week and doing even the smallest bit possible can do great wonders for the poor and needy people. Also, one can encourage friends or family members to join for just a noble cause.
  • There are many different groups that you can work with: children, the elderly, the mentally ill, the homeless, women. You’ll need to decide which group you want to focus on.
  • You can do things like teaching a course in resume development, computer skills. You could start up a local community garden and teach courses on how to grow sustainable food. A large number of poor people cannot afford to buy much produce, so teaching them a sustainable and cheap way to grow their own food, could help alleviate some of that vitamin deficiency.
  • You can work in shelters, soup kitchens, community centers, at after-school programs, and employment centers.


  1. Collection Drive-By conducting collection drives for food, clothes, books, blankets, and other necessities one can help the poor and needy people. These collection drives can be conducted in schools, offices, or locality and reach the neediest people. It is one of the easiest ways to help the poor and needy people. Contact the organizations that work for poor people to find out what they need and then organize collection drive by setting up containers at schools or local premises in which people can drop off donations, ask offices to donate to the drive.
  2. Donate Groceries/Eatables – Provide nutritious meals to the poor and needy people. Donating groceries can help end the hunger of poor and needy people. They cannot even afford a single time meal for themselves and their family, so donating food will make their stomach fill and stay healthy. Rather than wasting food or throwing it, it is better to give it to a needy person.
  3. Fund Raising – One can join the fundraiser community or engage himself or herself with some organizations that are involved in raising funds for the poor and needy people. They can join various activities and plan various strategies for fundraising like help in creating awareness in the society through various modes, conduct various shows like roadshows, etc. They can organize activities and become an active member of an organization’s board or membership. Fundraising can involve donating items for free and holding auctions for those items. This would help raise funds.
  4. Personal Financial Help – Individuals can help the poor and needy people monetarily also. Providing financial assistance to the poor can help them solve the basic problems of living. By providing money to the poor and needy people, they can get the essentials of living. One can get associated with charitable houses and donate money there to help the needy. By providing monetary help to needy people, they can get a meal for their family, a place to live, or some clothes.
  5. Social Media – Social Media has become one of the most used ways to help the poor and needy people and perhaps, the easiest way as well. Through the use of Social media and Social Networking Sites like Facebook or Twitter, one can raise his or her voice and create awareness and get a helping hand; can connect to various charity organizations or community centers involved in helping the needy people; can buy products online from websites that donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity that helps the poor and needy people.
  6. Moral Consolation – One of the better ways to help the poor and needy people is to give them a hand up rather than a handout. Giving them moral support, showing heartfelt humility and respect makes them aware that someone does care about them, and trying to improve their condition. By providing them with the opportunities to improve their condition on their own would increase their self-esteem and help them in overcoming barriers they face every day. Work with the poor and needy people and help them discover their capabilities and capacity and putting them to use at the right place at the right time. Support them and let them know that they have something of value which can be used for meeting their basic requirements.

It is a great way to use your position of privilege to help those who are not fortunate enough. Not only is it the right thing to do but it will also give you a feeling that nothing else can give. Try it, help someone who is struggling with poverty today!

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